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 How Do I Enable Badges?

Badges are used to award students for completing certain actions within the LMS.

There are two types of badges: System Badges (default badges already in the system) and Content Badges (added by the client).

Badges can be found by going to the Admin Navigation menu and selecting Badges. System Badges are in a folder labeled Badges. The Content Badges are found in a folder labeled Content Badges.

System Badges are the following:

  • Sherlock Holmes - Achieved when the learner searches for a piece of content in the Search
  • Student - Achieved when the learner completes their first piece of content.
  • Honor Student - Achieved when the learner completes 10 pieces of content.
  • Scholar - Achieved when the learner completes 100 pieces of content.
  • Certified - Achieved when the learner completes a piece of content that has a certificate attached.

Content Badges:

Add a Content Badge:

  • On the Admin Navigation menu, select Badges.
  • Click Add New Content Badge.
  • Fill in both the Title and Description for your Content Badge.
  • Click Add.

Associate the new badge with a piece of content or learning track

  • On the Admin Navigation menu, select Content (or Learning Tracks if you wish to associate the badge with a learning track).
  • Locate the piece of content or learning track you wish to associate your new badge with.
  • Double-click on the content/learning track to open the properties.
  • Go to the Content Options tab (or the Learning Track Information tab if associating with a learning track) and select your badge from the drop-down labeled Award Badge on Completion.
  • Click Save at bottom of window.

How Do I Archive or Hide a Badge From Learners?

To "archive"(hide) a badge for learners who have not earned the badge, admins can set the End Date for a badge to be in the past. This will prevent learners from earning the badge moving forward but still allow learners who have already earned the badge to view it from their profile page.


Reach out to TraCorp Help Desk if you want to add custom badge icons.

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