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 Certificates and Email Template Variables

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Setting up a certificate or an an email template with variables also known as RTF tags.

Any PDF, RTF file can be used as a certificate, but they do not work the same way. For PDF certificates, the file is sent to the user exactly as uploaded. For RTF certificates, certain special text tags are replaced with information from the LMS prior to sending the document to the student.

Email Templates
If you wish to customize your email templates/messages that are sent from the LMS you can utuilize the RTF tags shown below.

RTF text tags
RTF text tags must be entered exactly as below, in uppercase and surrounded with square brackets. The following tags are replaced with their respective values for RTF certificates:

  • [USER] - The student's full name
  • [USERNAME] - The student's LMS username
  • [USER EMAIL] - The student's LMS email address
  • [CONTENT TITLE] - The title of the LMS content that this certificate is for
  • [START DATE] - The date the student first launched the content
  • [COMPLETE DATE] - The date the student completed the content
  • [SCORE] - The score the student received for the content, as a percentage
  • [CREDITS] - The number of credits listed for the content in the LMS
  • [HOURS] - The number of whole hours the student has spent in the content, if applicable
  • [MINUTES] - The number of whole minutes the student has spent in the content, if applicable
  • [INSTRUCTOR] - The Instructor for the class
  • [LOCATION] - The Location where the class took place, if applicable
  • [SESSION CODE] - The Session Code for either Classroom or Webinar Sessions
  • [FIELD1] . . . . [FIELD60] - The registration fields 1 through 3


Certificate RTF Documents Trouble Shooting
If you believe you have a properly-formatted RTF document but the tags are not being replaced, open your document in a text editor such as Notepad and look for the text tags in the RTF code to make sure that the text is not being broken by RTF formatting code.

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