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 Bug List 04-17-18

Bug Number Status Known Bugs/Issues in Que Details
Bug ID MMDDYY.N Fixed Version 9.10.0
Pending or Unchanged
Description of bug fix Documentation of Bug Fix
041718.1 Fixed Version 9.10.0 Earned Badge Pop Up Window shows when Badges are set to Hide Click Here
041718.2 Fixed Version 9.10.0 Badges not being awarded to Bundle Content upon completion Click Here
041718.3 Fixed Version 9.10.0 SCORM package doesn't keep the same video on
Vimeo when course is updated
Click Here
041718.4 Fixed Version 9.10.0 Welcome page not displaying Click Here
041718.5 Fixed Version 9.10.0  Classroom Location Email Not Going Out When Location Is Changed Click Here
041718.6 Fixed Version 9.10.0 Vimeo embed code change Click Here
041718.7 Fixed Version 9.10.0 Modify "Date Added" for copied/duplicated conten Click Here

Bug List updated 04-16-2018

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