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 Bug List 05-07-18

Bug Number Status Known Bugs/Issues in Que Details
Bug ID MMDDYY.N Fixed Version 9.12.0
Pending or Unchanged
Description of bug fix Documentation of Bug Fix
050718.1 Fixed Version 9.12.0 Content Ownership Deletion Click Here
050718.2 Fixed Version 9.12.0 Due Date Wizard in User Groups not confirming database updated Click Here
050718.3 Fixed Version 9.12.0 Changing instructors, cancellation email not sending Click Here
050718.4 Fixed Version 9.12.0 Questionnaire content setting "Mark as an electronic signature" Is Set, submission failed Click Here
050718.5 Fixed Version 9.12.0 SCORM Interaction Responses Report Not Working Properly Click Here
050718.6 Fixed Version 9.12.0 Copy Inherited Fields show up blank on Edit User window for UGA profiles Click Here
050718.7 Fixed Version 9.12.0 Inactive users remain in Classroom and Webinar Session Rosters Click Here
050718.8 Fixed Version 9.12.0 Unable to set due date for content items in user groups Click Here
050718.9 Fixed Version 9.12.0 Classroom Session Location Email Not Going Out When Location Is Changed Click Here

Bug List updated 05-04-2018

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