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 May 28-29 Update - New General Setting to grant access to Accessibility Restrictions and Emails tabs of a User Group

The User Group tabs Accessibility Restrictions and Emails, can now be toggled to one of the following settings:

  • On by default
  • Off by default
  • Always On
  • Always Off


The tabs can be toggled for either a User Group Admin or Sub Admin account, there are two locations for this setting.

  • General Settings > User Group Administration> User Groups:
  • General Settings > Sub Administration> User Groups:


To toggle the Accessibility Restrictions or the Emails tab on or off per account.

  • First, make sure either On by default or Off by default is set under the General Settings location for either the User Group Administration or the Sub Administration account type.
  • Once set, the individual accounts can be selected from the User section under the Admin Navigation Panel.
  • Search for the User Group Admin or the Sub Admin account to change and double-click it to bring up the Edit User Window.
  • Once there navigate to the User Options tab.
  • Then scroll to the User Groups: section and look for the check boxes for Accessibility or Emails, check the boxes to either on or off and click save.
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