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 Bug List 06-25-18

Bug Number Status Known Bugs/Issues in Que Details
Bug ID MMDDYY.N Fixed Version 9.14.0
Pending or Unchanged
Description of bug fix Documentation of Bug Fix
062518.1 Fixed Version 9.14.0 Learning Track Content report does not show all content of a selected Learning Track or Tracks Click Here
062518.2 Fixed Version 9.14.0 Cache does not clear in the system when UGA adds user Click Here
062518.3 Fixed Version 9.14.0 An email is sent to any new account type when registered in the LMS Click Here
062518.4 Fixed Version 9.14.0 User Group/Sub Administration settings do not change globally when set to Default  Click Here
062518.5 Fixed Version 9.14.0 Lock only completion status option not saving when SCORM/AICC content is first created  Click Here
062518.6 Fixed Version 9.14.0 Vimeo - Video not loading in IE  Click Here
062518.7 Fixed Version 9.14.0 Content selector widget does not add/remove children of bundles   Click Here
062518.8  Fixed Version 9.14.0  Duplicate button for Learning Tracks not duplicating nested learning tracks  Click Here
062518.9  Fixed Version 9.14.0 Page 404 Error When Launching Content That Requires A Password Due  Click Here
062518.10  Fixed Version 9.14.0 Classroom Session Import Tool Not Working  Click Here
062518.11  Fixed Version 9.14.0 Classroom Item un-searchable  Click Here
062518.12 Fixed Version 9.14.0 Sessions email notification not sending when students are added to roster via the Roster Upload tool  Click Here

Bug List updated 06-25-2018

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