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 Bugs resolved Aug 16, 2018

Bugs Resolved

When you uncheck a Bundle item's parent from a Learning Track, the child items remain assigned to the learning tracking when using the checkbox to remove items from the learning track.

When creating a new Other Online Resource - Video type content item, the Vimeo Preset Radio Button selection is not saving to the content item after it's created.

General Settings > Student Interface tab, there is a setting to have all content items default to ICON view when a student logs into their account. When you log in as a student and click the learning track all the content shows up in list view but the indicator in the top right corner shows that it's in Icon View. 

Bundle Children items showing as assigned to user groups. Fixed by adding an Include Bundled Children checkbox option to the Summary Report so the admin can choose to show children or not. Content items which had no records where not showing up, the report was updated to include these as well.

Class Calendar Locations were not listed in alphabetical order

Location descriptions being cut off in details view

The Verify Attendance button was verifying students but was not properly displaying the "You're verified message" correctly.

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