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 Leaderboard & Badges

Video - Using Badges as Rewards

The leaderboard and badges feature on the LMS allows students to see how they are doing against other LMS students. Students are ranked by their completions and also awarded badges when they meet certain goals. In this guide, we will go over how to set up and get started with the Leaderboard and Badges.

The following links will take you to the related guides for the Leaderboard and Badges settings.

  1. Leaderboard – This where students are able to see how they are ranked against other LMS students. They can be ranked against all students or those who have a registration field matching theirs. (i.e., location, job type, etc.)

  2. Badges – Badges are awarded by completing certain tasks on the LMS. (i.e., completing content, using the search feature, receiving a certificate, etc.)

  3. Student Interface – The student interface will be altered to have access to the leaderboard and badges sections, and the menu bar will show their badges as well.


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