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 Bugs resolved Sept 4, 2018

Bugs Resolved

Learning Track Report was showing all learning tracks to User Groups Admins, not just those assigned to them.

Was not correctly checking if the student already signed the Terms of Use for a different content item in cases where Terms of Use items were set to show Once.

Email From field not using address filled out in form.

If a Content Category is set to Inactive all content under that category is now not be visible to the users.

When an Admin ran a student activity report from the admin interface, the report showed all the inactive registration fields. The issue was only for the PDF version.

When an admin uses the Record Entry tool to set a completion, the completion time was set to midnight of the date chosen, local to the admin's time zone. The transcript showed the student's time zone.

This was fixed it by noting which completions are set by the Record Entry tool and which completions are set by the student completing the course. If completed by the Record Entry tool, then only the date will be shown and no time zone conversion will be done.

Note: This fix only applies going forwards. Any records previously set in the Record Entry tool can still show a time zone conversion error. It can be fixed by re-saving the record in the Record Entry tool.

When an email was set up an individual piece of content to email an admin or instructor on completion of a piece of content, the email showed that the Main Admin completed the piece of content and not the student.

Save button not appearing for UGA when duplicating a learning track 

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