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 December 18, 2018

December 18, 2018 LMS 9.21.0 Update



Note: Any student interface changes are to the Novusii interface only unless specified



Admin Interface



Added new “Task” content type with the ability for tasks to be submitted for approval.

Record Entry (Grade Book)

Added new “Task” content type to Record Entry


Added new “Task” content type to Reports


Added new “Task” content type to Send Email

Webinars (Live Online Sessions)

Added new End Time and Dates

General Settings

Update to General Setting to accept only Google Universal Analytics

Bug Fixes

[LMS-385] - Certificate Help button not working when creating content

[LMS-394] - Adding sessions to inactive classroom/webinar content items

[LMS-426] - Summary Report - Will Not Generate A PDF Version of The Report

[LMS-429] - Due Date Function on Content Groups Not Working Properly

[ADOA-163] - Change Student Records Import to allow a score above 100

[ADOA-168] - Completion Date Bug when using the Admin Tool Upload & Mark Complete

[ADOA-169] - UGAs Cannot see "Registered Students" in Classroom Session

[FR-73] - Certifications Report Is Generating Duplicate Entries

[FR-74] - Headers On The Columns Of The Instructor Sessions Report Not Displaying Correctly In PDF Format

[CU-714] - Bundle not showing complete

Student Interface



Added new “Task” view to content



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