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 Certification FAQ

Trying to understand the behavior of the Certification courses. Please help answer the questions below:

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Assigned Period

The course is assigned and the user has 60 days to complete the courses? YES

30 days prior to the 60 day deadline they will receive a warning?  YES

This warning is through email?  YES

Will some kind of message appear on the screen to at the 30 day warning period?  The due will appear in RED

What happens if the user does not complete the courses within the 60 days? Nothing, it will just show past due in RED


Certified Period

1 year later the user will have to complete the courses again? YES

30 days prior to the 365 day period the user will receive an email warning? YES

Will a message appear on the screen to remind them of this? The due will appear in RED

Does anything happen to the icon for the course?  NO

Does icon turn red or something?  NO

Does the green line go away that indicates completion, if it does when? YES, on the date it expires

What happens if the learner does not complete the courses by the 365th day? It shows uncompleted and overdue


Optional Grace Period

The user has another 30 days after the 365 days to complete the course? YES

15 days prior to the extra 30 days the user will receive a notification? YES

The notification will be by email? YES

Will the user see any notifications on the screen letting them know about this? NO

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