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 Guide to Getting Started with Novus III

What is new in Novus III?

The best part of Novus III is the new features designed specifically for the new interface! Select the links below to learn more about the exclusive Novus III features that will help engage your learners and provide them with just-in-time learning and resources they need.

  • Admin-configured Student Dashboards set by default or per user group
  • Platform Site Tours to make user onboarding a breeze
  • Custom Menus so admins can provide learners easy access to the websites they use most
  • Automatic Student Notifications that inform learners of new assignments, due dates, and more
  • Glossary of Terms and/or Dictionary for quick references to industry jargon and acronyms
  • Full-sized background images that you can change with the Change Background Image Admin Tool once Novus III is enabled

Novus III also includes a new and intuitive way for learners to use the platform. We added a search bar to every interface page to allow learners to query the LMS as soon as they log in. The content page can be filtered by the View menu that allows a user to select between the following views (as applicable with the LMS's settings and configuration): My Content, All Content, My Sessions, Learning Tracks, Certifications, Dictionary, Tags, and Programs. Learners can filter the list of results by content type. Selecting the 'Classroom' or 'Webinars' filter will load the My Sessions calendar view.

Can I preview what my LMS looks like with Novus III?

Yes! You can preview the Novus III interface by changing the LMS URL to include /novusiii/ (three I's) instead of /novusii/. This works on the login page and all student interface pages and it includes your organization's branding just like in Novus II!

Is there any difference for Administrations?

Other than the new features available for use? Nope!

Was anything removed or discontinued in Novus III?

Yes, but only a few small changes.

Based on customer feedback, Novus III includes a few fundamental changes that make the interface easier to use, personalize, and manage. Below is a list of features or constructs that no longer exist in Novus III and what they were replaced with.

  • Welcome Banners - We suggest using Student Dashboards instead!
  • Entire Catalog - By default, you can display Assigned Content or All Content to your learners, but not the Entire Catalog. All Content will be the new default if you used the Entire Catalog and will include what was previously in the Entire Catalog.
  • Archive - Novus III does not have an ""archive"". Instead, students have a toggle button to ""Hide"" or ""Show"" completed content in each view. In General Settings, admins can select if complete content is hidden by default. 

What do I need to know to prepare for the switch?

  • Existing links to the LMS that include Novus II will be automatically re-directed to the Novus III link once Novus III is enabled.
  • You can configure Novus III settings before enabling it by enabling the option in General Settings > Student Interface, Show Novus III Settings.
  • The Help menu(s) convert to Menus in General Settings upon enabling Novus III. 
  • Linked accounts will access the My Admin button in the student interface by selecting the drop-down menu in the upper right corner labeled with the user's first name. Selecting the name will show the drop-down menu items with the My Admin option.
  • The submit Access Code button is accessed in the student interface by selecting the drop-down menu in the upper right corner labeled with the user's first name. Once on the profile page, the user will see the Access Code button in the upper right corner (when enabled).
  • We removed unnecessary General Settings because now:
    • All content with a certificate shows a certificate icon.
    • Content items load on a single page as users scroll rather than selecting the number of items to show per page.
    • Content items have a single ""card"" view. They cannot be expanded or collapsed, and there is no icon view. Note: Bundles, Child Learning Tracks, and Session Content can now be expanded or collapsed, so there is a new setting to enable 'expanded' by default for users. This setting is enabled by default.

Ready to make the switch to Novus III now?

  • Navigate to General Settings > Student Interface, The Novus Interface should be and select Novus III

The basic functionality of the LMS will be the same for all users, so transitions have gone smoothly and we can't wait for you to transition too!

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