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 Bug List 12-12-17

TraCorp Case No. Status Known Bugs/Issues in Que
N/A or Case number

Fixed Version 9.5.0
Pending or Unchanged

Description of bug fix
6401 Fixed Version 9.5.0 Inconsistency across content reports
5954 Fixed Version 9.5.0 Some classroom sessions are not showing and dates are not shown in chronological order
3293 Fixed Version 9.5.0 Resource Type now displays in the same column as Training Type in
the All Content Report
N/A Fixed Version 9.5.0 Admins no longer have to be assigned to content to use the preview button.
N/A Fixed Version 9.5.0 Sub-Admins can now be given access to the merge user accounts tool
6494 Fixed Version 9.5.0 Content can now be removed from Custom Bundles
N/A Fixed Version 9.5.0 Novusii, archive content button now removes when disabled in General Settings
N/A Fixed Version 9.5.0 Welcome page load time adjusted to be faster
6691 Fixed Version 9.5.0 Webinar/Classroom sessions items now grey out when a user registers for a future date, when content setting "Student's can register for one future class/webinar" is checked.
N/A Fixed Version 9.5.0 "Total pieces of content found in the Entire Catalog" text, now added to the Language Library.

Bug List updated 12-12-2017

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