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 Feb 05-06 2018 Update - Learning Track Visual Indicators

Visual Indicator for Learning Track Completions

Learning Track(s) now offer an option to turn on Visual Completion Indicators that will appear on the standard Welcome Page of the LMS after a Student Account logs in.

The Visual Indicators will show the name of the Learning Track and the percentage of completion.

Turning on Visual Indicators for Learning Tracks

To turn on Visual Indicators, go to your LMS login page and login as an Adminstrator.

Click on the Learning Tracks Button from the Admin Navigation Menu.

When the Learning Tracks Tab opens, select any Learning Track by clicking on it once and then clicking the Edit Group button from the menu.

The Edit Group button will have a Yellow Pencil Icon on it.

The Edit Learning Track window will open.

There will be check boxes that appear near the center, check the one that’s labeled,
Show Visual Indicator for Learning Track and then click Save.


Seeing the Visual Indicators

After you have turned on the Visual Indicators for the Learning Track(s), you must login with a Student Account to view them.

The Student Account must have the Learning Track(s) with the Visual Indicators checked on, assigned to it.

The Learning Track(s) can be assigned directly to the Student Account or through a User Group that Student Account is part of, there’s no difference.

Once you login with the Student Account, you should be taken to your standard Welcome Page and the Visual Indicators should be visible.

Unable to see the Visual Indicators

There are few items that can contribute to not being able to see the Visual Indicators:

JavaScript is disabled in the browser.

Custom Welcome Page is in place.

Standard Welcome Page is skipped upon student login.


-------------------------------------Updated March 1st 2018 -------------------------------------

Progression Meter Color Change

As students progress through the learning track, the visual indicator will display a color on the percentage meter.

The color will change as the meter gets closer to 100 percent.

Anything < 69% = Red

Anything < 85% = Yellow

Anything ≥ 85% = Green


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