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 Internet Explorer 11 - ActiveX Filtering

This Article assumes the Flash player is already installed, if it's not installed then you will need to so first, by going here: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
Uncheck the Optional Offer to Install McAfee Safe Connect if you do not wish to install the additional software, it is no required.


ActiveX Filtering allows you to browse the web without running any Active X Controls.

The Flash Payer is an ActiveX Control in Internet Explorer, and when filtering is enabled, Flash content will not load, even if it was enabled from the Add-On manager.


You will also see a blue "No Symbol" icon appear in the right side of the URL bar.


To disable ActiveX filtering follow these steps.

Option1 Disable ActiveX filtering for a single page:

Click on the 'Blue No Symbol' and then click Turn off 'ActiveX Filtering'.

This will disable ActiveX filtering only for the page you are trying to load.


Option 2 disable ActiveX filtering entirely:


Click on the Gear Icon to load tools, then click on 'Safety' and finally click on 'Active Filtering'.

You will see a check mark next to ActiveX Filtering, click on ActiveX Filtering to remove it and this will disable ActiveX Filtering for Internet Explorer 11 entirely.


You can now try loading your Flash content again, it is recommended you reload the browser first by holding CTRL and presing F5.

If the Flash content still fails to load then you will need to follow additional steps in this guide concerning Enable Flash from the Manage add-ons.


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