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 How Do I Configure a Site Tour?

Site tours are a way to provide your learners a interactive tour of the interface when they login for the first time to get them familiar with how to navigate the LMS.

Add Site Tour

  • From Admin Navigation, select Site Tours
    • Note: You must be logged in as a Main Admin or Sub Admin with permissions to Site Tours for this option to be visible. If you are a Main Admin or Sub Admin with permissions and you do not see this option:
      • From Admin Navigation, select General Settings
      • Select the General Administration tab
      • Scroll down until the Admin Navigation section is visible
      • Ensure the Site Tours checkbox is checked on
      • Select Save Settings at the bottom left to save the settings
  • Select Add Site Tour

Options within Add Site Tour Dialogue Box

  • User Group - Choose the User Group for the Tour. The User Group selected must have a custom dashboard applied.
    • The tour that will display to a learner that is in multiple groups is going to be whichever group is most specific. I.e. if a learner is in a Parent Group and a Child Group that both have custom dashboards and tours assigned, the Child Group dashboard and tour will display. If a learner is in two groups "on the same level" (i.e. two child groups), the group with the lowest group ID will take precedence.
      • To find the group ID, from Admin Navigation go to User Groups, double-click on the group in question to open the Edit User Group dialogue box. In the upper left corner of the dialogue box it will state Edit User Group - <ID Number>.
    • Select the All Students and Instructors group to setup a tour for the default dashboard that is configured in General Settings -> Student Dashboards.
  • Auto-Start Tour on Login - This will automatically start the tour once the student logs in. Otherwise, they will be presented a Start Tour button on the Welcome card
  • Allow Users to Skip Tour - This provides a button for users to skip the tour rather than going through the whole thing.
  • Mark Complete on Tour Completion - This will mark a task complete when the tour is completed by a student so reporting can be done to see who completed the tour. Note the piece of content must be of type “Task” and must be assigned to the User Group the tour is assigned to.
  • Steps (Select the following option for each step):
    • Type:
      • Menu Navigation
      • Welcome Cards Top Row
      • Welcome Cards Bottom Row
    • Menu Item or Welcome Card - Choose the Menu Item or Welcome Card you wish to highlight in the tour.
    • Title - Give the highlight a title. If you have multiple languages that your LMS is translated to, you can input the translations on the tab corresponding to the language.
    • Description - Give a description of what the student is seeing in the highlight and what actions they may need to take to proceed on the tour. If you have multiple languages that your LMS is translated to, you can input the translations on the tab corresponding to the language.
    • Click to Advance - If selected, the student will need to click on the highlighted area to advance, rather than just selected Next. This is necessary when displaying carousel buttons to show students how to navigate the carousels.
  • Add Tour Step - Add another step to the tour and follow the options listed in the Steps section above.
  • Remote Last Step - Remove the last step in the tour.
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