How Do I Write Content Code(s) to Registration Fields with Action Rules?

Action Rules allows a content code to be inserted into a Registration Field based on the results of an Online Test or SCORM Course. (Please note that the course needs to send completion data to the LMS for this to work.)

Where Do I Configure Action Rules?

  • In the Admin Navigation, select Content.
  • Use the right-arrow at the top to scroll to the Metadata tab.
    • There you will see a new text box labeled Action Rules.
    • The syntax that is utilized is: trigger=action_list.

Trigger(s) Can Be One of the Following:

  • completed - content has changed from incomplete to complete
  • uncompleted - content has changed from complete to incomplete (this should never be used to check if an Online Test content type has been failed)
  • testFailed - an Online Test has been failed (only applies to Online Test content type)
  • passingScorePassed - a student's score has changed to a score greater than or equal to the content's passing score
  • passingScoreFailed - a student's score has changed to a score less than the content's passing score

Action List

  • addCode:field - add the content code to a registration field
  • removeCode:field - remove the content code from a registration field


  • completed = addCode:field10, removeCode:field11
    • This will add the content code to field 10 and remove the content code from field 11 when the piece of content moves from incomplete to complete in the LMS.
  • testFailed = addCode:field11, removeCode:field10
    • This will add the content code to field11 and remove the content code from field 10 when a test is failed. This is done by comparing the student's score on the test to the Passing Score input on the Content Options tab for the piece of content. If the student's score is less than the passing score, it will be submitted as a failure.
  • passingScorePassed = addCode:field10
    • This will add the code to field 10 when the student's score changes from a score less than the Passing Score to something equal to or greater than the Passing Score.


If an Action Rule makes a change to a student's Registration Field, the student's auto-assignments and content assignments will be updated. When content codes are added to or removed from Registration Fields, the code will be in square brackets. A single field might contain this for three content codes: [code1][code2][code3]

There is no action for testPassed; use completed to check for that. The testFailed trigger will only apply if an Online Test is submitted, not using record entry or another way to update records. If checking for uncompleted or passingScoreFailed, you should also include a rule for the opposite (completed or passingScorePassed) to undo whatever the first action does. For example, if passingScoreFailed adds the code to field10, then passingScorePassed should remove the code from field10. Some online courses may submit a (failing) score before all questions have been answered.