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 Bug List 10-17-17

TraCorp Case No. Status Known Bugs/Issues in queue
3293 Active All Content Report not showing resource type
3359 Active LMS Questionaire Interface upper menu dissappearing
4238 Active Auto Launch URL gives error
4332 Active When changing instructors for a class, the cancellation does not get sent until an instructor is re-added.
4417 Active When adding a document or link to an Online Test/Questionnaire, the document or link does not show up on the student side.
4676 Active Update minimum length for usernames to be 1 or 2 characters
4933 Fixed in 9.3.0 Completion Status not showing for Prerequisite content in the Interface
4950 Active Email Distribution Lists sending out to the incorrect users and number of users
4956 Active Other Online Resource - Website - Does not mark complete on launch
4998 Active Webinar Sessions not showing in catalog for Novus or Novusii
5002 Active Bundled content does not show up as a selectable item for a report
5241 Active Welcome Page custom buttons and Search Scope not working correctly
5354 Fixed in 9.3.0 Older welcome page was loading when it shouldn't
5414 Active UGA account not able to see other UGAs when trying add ownership to content.
5571 Active System continually prompts uers to update their preferences after clicking update
5636 Active Continuous "review content" email messages for content
5683 Active Content Change Notifications not being sent
5954 Active Classroom sessions not showing and not organized in chronological order
5960 Active Class Room Session Completion is not sending out the Completion Date in the email header
1805 Active Emails Being Sent Out Have Strange Characters Appearing
2984 Active Entire Catalog Classroom Search not working
5290 Active News & updates- Not Working Properly with Single Sign On
Updated on October 17, 2017
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