How Do I Manage Reports?

The Manage Reports button within Reports allows you see reports that have been added to the queue, see which reports are scheduled and make changes to those scheduled reports.

What is the Report Queue?

The TraCorp LMS has added a Report Queue, which allows you to run a report and view it later. This is now the default option for the reports mentioned in below and will only work with CSV and PDF report formats. The reports will stay in the queue for 7 days and then will disappear.

The TraCorp LMS can now also Schedule Reports on a recurring basis. You can find the queued reports in the Admin Navigation menu, under the Reports -> Manage Reports.

Which Reports Can Be Queued or Scheduled?

  • Export User Data
  • Summary Report
  • User Group Records
  • Content Records
  • Learning Track Records
  • Learning Track Monthly Summary
  • Learning Track by User Group
  • All Content
  • User Change Log Report
  • Learning Track Content
  • Category Content

How Do I Run the Report Immediately, Rather Than Having it Run in the Background?

  • Click the button for the report you wish to run. This will open the Report Options
  • From the drop-down labeled Type, select Wait for report to finish. This will run the report now. Note: Your browser will need to stay open for the report to download. This is how the system ran prior to the Report Queue.
  • Once your settings are selected, click Create Report.

Where Do I Access Queued Reports?

  • To view the queue, from the Admin Navigation menu, go to Reports.
  • Click the Manage Reports button in the list.
    • This will open a window, and you can select the Report Queue tab to view queued reports.

What Are the Values Displayed in the Report Queue?

  • Title - The name you provided when initially running the report
  • Report - Type of report that was run
  • Status - Will show you if the report is Queued, In Progress, or Completed
  • Queued - Will show if the report has been queued or not
  • Start Time - Displays the time the report started running in the queue
  • End Time - Displays the time the report finished running in the queue
  • Elapsed - This displays the time it took the report to run to give you a better idea of when to check the queue if you run the same reports frequently
  • Expires - Gives you the expiration date for the report
  • Download - Allows you to download the report from the queue
  • Delete - Allows you to delete the report from the queue
  • Share - Allows you to share the queued report with other admins. NOTE: Once the report expires, it will expire for the user(s) you shared the report with also.

How Do I Schedule a Report?

  • Using Main Administrator account (or account that has access to Reports), from the Admin Navigation menu, select Reports.
  • Choose a report to schedule from the list of scheduled reports above.
  • From the Report Type drop-down, select Schedule Report.
  • Choose report Format, either CSV or PDF. Online is not available for scheduled reports.
  • Select all the settings you would like to report on.
  • Click the Create Report
    • A Schedule report window will pop up.
    • Schedule Type:
      • Monthly - Will run the report on the first of every month
      • Quarterly - Will run on the first day of a new quarter
      • Bi-Annually - Will run on January 1st and July 1st
      • Annually - Will run on January 1st
    • Title - The title of the report (this will prepend the date on which the report is run)
  • Click Schedule report. You will be able to see your scheduled reports in the Scheduled Reports Note: You may choose to delete a scheduled report by clicking Delete.

Where Do I Find My Scheduled Report Once Has Been Run?

You can find a scheduled report that has been run in the Report Queue. It will be labeled with the title you set for the report, prepended by the date on which the report was run.