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 How Do I Write Auto-Assignment Rules Based on Content Completions?

Completion-based Auto-assignment Rules allow you to put a user in a group based on completion of a specific piece of content. The user will be put into the group within a few minutes of completing the content.

How Do I Select the Content to be Used for Completion-Based Auto-Assignments?

  • From the Admin Navigation menu, select Content.
  • Locate the piece of content you would like to use this Auto-Assignment Rule for.
  • Double-Click to open the content's properties.
    • Select the Content Options tab and scroll to the very bottom.
    • Check the box User group auto-assignment rules use completions for this content.
    • Locate the URL labeled Auto-Launch URL at the bottom.
      • Make note of the ID number at the end of the URL.
    • Click Save at the bottom.

How Do I Create an Auto-Assignment Rule for the Content?

  • From the Admin Navigation menu, select User Groups.
  • Locate the User Group you want to Auto-Assign users to.
  • Double-Click to open the properties of the User Group.
    • Select the Autoassignment Rules tab.
      • In the text box, enter:
EXISTS(SELECT * FROM `content_session` cs WHERE uid = users.id AND `completed` = 1 AND `cid` = ID FROM ABOVE) 
  • Replace "ID FROM ABOVE" with the ID number of the content you made note of in the How Do I Select the Content to be used for Completion-Based Auto-Assignments? section above.
  • Click Save at the bottom.

Users who have already completed the piece of content will show up in this group. If this is for a new piece of content, check back once you know someone has completed the content to verify you can see them in the group.

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