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 Bug List 11-21-17

TraCorp Case No. Status Known Bugs/Issues in queue
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Novusii - Mobile/Tablet View - Classroom sessions only show times
5414 Fixed 9.4.0 UGA account not able to see other UGAs when trying add ownership to content
1805 Fixed 9.4.0 New Users Emails Being Sent Out Have Strange Characters Appearing
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Admins can't set favorites for users
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Update API to not return unavailable results
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Icons added for Favorites and Certifications
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Add registration field placeholders to Send Email
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 When adding a document or link to an Online Test/Questionnaire, the document or link does not show up on the student side
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 1969 dates for 1st launched and Last launched
5690 Fixed 9.4.0 Session Reminder Emails - not being sent
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 English is not the default language when logging in as a student after logging as an admin.
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Unable to search or select content to add to learning tracks
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Instructor Roster button not working
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Auto launch link is not respecting our content assignments
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Report Data not updating nightly
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Broken Preview button for Admins
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Stats not updating
4998 Fixed 9.4.0 Webinar Sessions not showing in catalog for Novus or Novusii
5991 Fixed 9.4.0 Classroom Session Attendance report - Location and Position
5241 Fixed 9.4.0 Welcome Page - Custom buttons not working
6153 Fixed 9.4.0 Sandbox login not working, database bug. Reports also not running on live site
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Background image missing on login page
6151 Fixed 9.4.0 Saved Report won't generate
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Language library import needs to auto-detect tab-delimited files
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Scroll Bar for Content Tab getting "cut off" when resizing browser window in Chrome
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Selected email notification users not saving unless checkbox is selected
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Add permission setting for the SCORM Interactions + Sessions Reports for UGAs + All other reports
4956 Fixed 9.4.0 Other Online Resource - Website - Does not mark complete on launch
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Add Merge Users Accounts to the Sub Admin Permissions
N/A Fixed 9.4.0 Licensing is not working correctly on login
4933 Fixed 9.4.0 Roster Update tool not updating Interface for content that has prerequisite requirements

Updated on November 21, 2017

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