How to Utilize Test Question and Answer Placeholders in Your Email Templates

Upon completion of an online test within the LMS, placeholders allow test questions, and the corresponding answer(s) provided by the learner, to be added to an email template to be distributed to the learner.

How Do I Use Placeholders?

  • From the Admin Navigation menu, select Communications.
  • Click the Emails
  • Click the Email Templates
  • Create a new template or edit an existing email template.
    • Within the template, use [test_question_n] and [test_answer_n] to correspond to test questions and learner answers you would like to include in the email. If there are multiple responses to a single question, they will be separated by a semicolon (e.g. response1;response2;response3). The "n" should be replaced with the number of the test question and the corresponding answer within the test, starting with the first question.
    • For example, if you want to provide learners the question and their answer for the first question on the test, you can use [test_question_1] and [test_answer_1].
  • You can associate the template with a piece of content as follows:
    • On the Admin Navigation menu, click Content.
    • Locate the piece of content you wish to associate this template with. Double-click to open its properties.
    • Click the Email Information
    • Check the Notify Student
      • Include Template (Student) - Select the template with the test question and answer placeholders.
    • Click Save at the bottom.

If you would like more information on Communications within the LMS, please follow this link.