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 Jan 22-23 2018 Update - Last Appended April 17, 2018 - Vimeo Mod and Other Online Resources - Resource Type Video

Vimeo – Activation, General Settings, Media Options tab, SCORM, Storage and Pre-existing Videos.


Vimeo SCORM Support Activation request:

Any video uploaded through the LMS for Other Online Resources Video Type will be supported by any Vimeo account.

To enable videos in SCORM packages to be uploaded to Vimeo, please contact TraCorp.

General Settings:

The Vimeo account link access can be found under the General Settings > General Administration Tab

You can click the “Click here” in the Vimeo account section, after the link loads log into your Vimeo, if successful, you will be asked to grant TraCorp access to your Vimeo account.


Other Online Resources > Resource Type: Video > Media Options Tab

You will see a new Vimeo preset option appear under Media Options Tab

Vimeo Preset:

The Vimeo preset is predetermined by Vimeo after the uploaded and automatically set when selected. Only pro accounts will allow you change presets on your Vimeo account and send those presets to the LMS with this option. It is recommended that if you are linking a Vimeo account that Vimeo Preset option be selected.

Media Options:

The standard Media Options will now become a selectable option once the Vimeo account is linked. If your video is hosted on another web source, you will want to use this selection to set up your video dimensions and control prior to adding the URL or Uploading.

SCORM packages

If a pro account is hooked up, then any videos contained within a SCORM package will automatically be sent to the Vimeo account, and Vimeo will feed the video from their servers to the SCORM package when a user launches it from the LMS.


Video Storage

The TraCorp LMS will always hold a copy of the original videos, videos will never be lost providing their content items in the LMS are never deleted.


March 5-6, 2018 Updated

Pre-existing Videos

Pre-existing videos can now have the Vimeo Preset applied and their URL updated to point to a Vimeo Link instead.

Pre-existing videos can also have the URLs updated to point to other hosts to change the video instead of uploading new content.


April 17-18, 2018 Updated


Stats from Vimeo are now available from video uploaded to Vimeo either through the LMS or linked directly via Vimeo link.

Starts are not available for video in SCORM or AICC packages.



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