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 Feb 05-06 2018 Update - Block Outlook Confirmation - Email Setting

Block Outlook Confirmation

Currently when user registers for either a classroom or webinar session, they will receive an email with a calendar invite.

When the user accepts the calendar invite and sends their response, the response is then in turn sent to both the Instructor and Organizer.

The LMS now has a feature to block those emails.

When this setting is enabled, users will still be able to receive Calendar Invites in their email and send a response.

But the response will no longer be emailed to the Instructor or Organizer.


Email Setting Location

The setting will be located under General Settings > Email.

You will first have to have 'Use Outlook formatting for session emails' checked on first to for this option to become available.

The setting 'Block Outlook Confirmation' will then appear and can be checked on or off.

An info link '?' is also available, when clicked it will provide the following message:

'Outlook emails will send a calendar confirmation email back to the instructor/organizer. This checkbox will stop that from happening.'



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